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Display Types (List, Time Grid, Day Grid)


You can switch between different calendar displays for your booking system (Time Grid, Day Grid, List…) and customize entirely the content of you events!
Required add-on: Display Pack

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Required add-on: Display Pack
You can choose between different calendar displays for your booking system, for every types of existing views: month, week, day. Available displays are:

  • “List”: events are rendered as a list divided into days
  • “Time Grid”: all events are positioned on the calendar according to their start and end time
  • “Day Grid”: events are positioned one below the other but still keep a position based on their start and end time

And more to come!

Of course you can customize as desired the content of each event (display, colors, layout of items such as title, availability, promotion …).

This feature is available through Display Pack. See more information here.

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Time Grid, Day Grid, List


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