Shortcodes integration

You can use Booking Activities without WooCommerce.

Simply write this shortcode: [bookingactivities_form form="xx"] in your page and the booking form appears as follows:

1. Pick an event on the calendar

Pick an event on the calendar below.

2. Login / Registration / Without account

Your customers can log in or create an account transparently. A single click is enough to book the event and to register / log the user in.

Your operators, your salespersons and you will be able to take orders for your customers thanks to Order for Customers add-on. It simply add a selectbox as follows. Please try to select Demo user.

Note that the order will be bound to your account anyway as you are not an administrator. This user selectbox is here only for demonstration.

3. Custom fields (optional)

Display any kind of fields and request any information from your customers, or even each participants, thanks to Advanced Forms add-on. You can also display HTML text and easily reorder your fields.

Participant #1

4. Quantity

5. Pay with credits (optional)

Thanks to the Price and Credits add-on, your customers can redeem a booking pass to pay their bookings in credits. The passes can be restricted to certain events and they expires at the end of their validity period.

You need to be logged in to redeem your booking passes.

Note that it is possible to combine your calendars and display only the activities of your choice.


If you want to display only the calendar, for simple consultation, you can remove the “Submit” button (and any other fields) from your form.

Pick an event on the calendar below.


Finally, the shortcode [bookingactivities_list] will allow your customers to see their bookings list. Use it on their My Account area for example. You can also display their calendar of bookings.

There, they can cancel or reschedule their reservations, or ask for a refund.