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Price categories and volume discounts


Set price categories (adults, children, etc.) and volume discounts
Required add-on : Prices and Credits

Pick an event on the calendar below.

Volume discount:

1 - 3$65 / p.$30 / p.$55 / p.$55 / p.
4 - 9$60 / p.$25 / p.
10 and more$55 / p.$45 / p.

Here, the unit prices are cumulated (5 Adults = 65 + 65 + 65 + 60 + 60 = $315).
But there is also an option to replace them (5 Adults = 60 x 5 = $300).


Required add-on : Prices and Credits
Split the “Quantity” field into multiple fields, each with its own price, and its own sliding scale of prices.
This allows you to apply a different rate depending on who is booking, and how many bookings are made.
Here are some possibilities:

  • Rates per age / skill level / type of user / etc.
  • Lower unit price from the 5th reservation
  • 10th place offered (or -50%)
  • etc.

It is possible to set the prices for each activity (and each category of groups), but also for each event (and each group of events) independently.
That is, you can have a particular promotion on a specific event / group of events, in addition to having default prices by category and volume discounts on the activity / group category.


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